Record Of The Week Club

The album that kick-started this whole enterprise.

For 16 straight weeks back in 2009, Michael P Falk brought 3 musicians who had never met to his studio. In one night they would write, record and mix a song, making it available for download the following morning.

It started as a crazy hairbrained idea. It became a beautiful and inspired ode to the strengths of Winnipeg’s music community.

Featuring John K Samson (Weakerthans), members of Royal Canoe, Imaginary Cities, Les Jupes, Heartbeat City, Alfa, and many more…

ROTW Cover 1500x1500


I’m sure am glad Facebook reminded me of this creation, and purchase I made back in 2009.
So much has happened and changed since those times, but my adoration for this beautiful song has not.
I’m glad it has aged well.

Hi Christophe – thanks for the kind words! Indeed, that was a bit of a life-changing project. So glad you’re still enjoying it. Take care, Mike

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