“I wrote most of Let Me Be Lonely With You in a flurry of songwriting at Clear Lake during the summer of 2018. My wife and I went out for dinner half-way through the week and she said that it was the first time all week we’d actually had a conversation. That caught me off guard. I realized that between looking after our kid, extended family meals and outings, and me retreating to my writing station, we hadn’t connected at all. And to be honest, this had been the state of our relationship for a while. Both of us were pretty self-isolating, escaping to our own little worlds whenever we finally had some downtime after work and parenting. It’s hard – sometimes you just need to collapse into your thoughts … and the thought of having to put energy into crossing the slowly widening divide between you and your spouse – it can be hard to summon.  I understand why a lot of marriages fail or are seriously stressed when children are small. It’s a hard time. Later that summer while Alasdair and I had been working on the songs in the studio,  this lyric “let me be lonely with you” emerged. It’s a contradiction that seems to sum up that odd feeling of living with someone but also sometimes feeling so alone.  All gulfs of isolation are passable with time and care.” Stream or purchase the latest from Touching


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