Head In The Sand - News http://headinthesand.ca/ Head In The Sand Fri, 09 Oct 2015 01:39:51 CST Alfa: Harmattan nominated for WCMA Urban Album Of The Year
Alfa's debut album Harmattan has been nominated for Urban Recording Of The Year. Congrats to Ismaila, Mike, Curtis, Julian, and everyone who played on the album. We're pretty thrilled.

Want to dig into the tunes before the big day? Pick up Harmattan here.

See you in Victoria!]]>
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Les Jupes: Some Kind Of Family out April 14
Produced by Marcus Paquin (The National)
Mixed by Tony Hoffer (Beck, M83)

And made for you. Enjoy it.

Purchase Some Kind Of Family
In our store

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Apparat Organ Quartet: Return To Canada
An appearance at Winnipeg's nuna (now) Icelandic/Manitoban convergence festival highlights a trip that also includes a return to The Drake in Toronto.

AOQ had a sold-out Drake pumping during their 2013 CMW set.

Thursday April 16 > Toronto > The Drake

Saturday April 18 > Winnipeg > The Good Will
TICKETS @ Into The Music & Music Trader

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Alfa: Harmattan out now Harmattan is now out! The band celebrated with a great show at Winnipeg's venerable West End Cultural Centre.

The album features the Dirty Catfish Brass Band, members of Chic Gamine, Royal Canoe's Matt Peters, Les Jupes' Michael P Falk, and many more.

You can pick up Harmattan here:


Head In The Sand Store

Your local music store

(If they don't have it in stock, get em to order it from Outside Music)

Enjoy, good people!]]>
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Les Jupes: Intro Version out May 6 w/ USA & Canadian tour
Introversion came out of the juxtoposition of this winter. On one hand you didn’t want to walk outside or talk to anyone and you just want to hole up and pack it in and quit everything and do your best to fight off the cynicism and self-questioning, so you start going a little stir crazy and are ready to pop. Introversion also sort of picks up where Sky Ferreira’s original Nobody Asked Me leaves off. It’s a breakup song, but if you put that aside and just focus on that one title line, it’s such a poignant expression of isolation and frustration and abandonment.

And there's tour dates to match:

May 8 > Chicago > Township
May 9 > Minneapolis > Riverswest
May 10 > Bloomington IN > Bear's Place
May 11 > Pittsburgh > Thunderbird
May 14 > Brooklyn > Silent Barn
May 16 > Manhattan > Piano's (8 pm)
May 17 > Burlington VT > Radio Bean
May 18 > Montreal > Divan Orange
May 19 > Toronto > The Piston
May 21 > Minneapolis > Turf Club
May 23 > Winnipeg > WECC (Bands vs Filmmakers)
June 16 > Winnipeg > Jazz Winnipeg @ Union Sound Hall (supporting Timber Timbre)

NYC Piano's


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Apparat Organ Quartet: Annie Hart (Au Revoire Simone) remixes Apparat Organ Quartet
Iceland’s Apparat Organ Quartet have handed their song ’1 2 3 Forever’ over to Au Revoir Simone‘s Annie Hart, who has set it across her loom and woven threads of her own unique magic into it. Stripped of the original track’s driving beat and crescendo, this reworking is gently and insistently metronomic, and as the song ticks along it lulls you into a dazed reverie. While the original wasn’t strictly a love song, this version just might have made it into one.

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Les Jupes: Eastern Canada & USA in November
Nov 21 - Montreal - M for Montreal - Petit Campus 2 pm
Nov 23 - Philadelphia - North Star (w/ Honey Wild)
Nov 25 - New York (Manhatten) - Arlene''s Grocery
Nov 26 - New York (Brooklyn) - The Rock Shop
Nov 28 - Toronto - The Supermarket
Nov 29 - Chicago - Township

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Oldfolks Home: Eastern Canada tour dates
Check the Shows page for tour dates. ]]>
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Les Jupes: Negative Space out Sept 10 / Oct 1 Negative Space is coming out September 10 in Canada and October 1 in the USA & UK.

Winnipeg release show: Fri Sept 20 @ WECC.

Produced by Rusty Matyas (Imaginary Cities) and engineered by Cam Loeppky (The Weakerthans).

Pre-order your copy here.

Check the Shows page for updated tour dates.

Listen to the first single Hold Me Down:

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Yes We Mystic: Floods and Fires out September 6
First off, Yes We Mystic has joined the family here at Head In The Sand. We're thrilled to have em.

And second, they have a beautiful and heartwarming new EP coming out in September.

Come out to the big show at The Park Theatre on Fri Sept 6, and get yerself a copy.

Get release show tickets here.

Pre-order your copy of Floods and Fires here. ]]>
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Demetra: Hunt & Gather in CBC's Arctic Mosque - Sat Aug 3 Hunt & Gather will be featured in the upcoming documentary

Airs Saturday August 3 @ 7 pm

: : : :

Amidst a world that responds to mosques with fear and controversy, a little prefabricated mosque makes its way across the trials and beauty of the Canadian landscape in a celebrated and unprecedented 4000 km (2500 mile) journey by road and river from the prairie city of Winnipeg to the small arctic town of Inuvik.

As the northernmost mosque in the western hemisphere establishes its roots in the Arctic permafrost, so too does the small yet eclectic community of Inuvik Muslims who carve out a unique Canadian identity as they find friendship and a home amongst some of the oldest cultures in Canada.

CBC Summer TV Schedule

Arctic Mosque site

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Les Jupes: Oshima - The Age Of Shapes: Free download

Where do songs go to die? Ideally, the good ones don’t. The good ones will always find a way to survive. For Les Jupes frontman Michael P Falk, Oshima is the revival of songs written that didn’t always fit the ambitious rock arrangements of Les Jupes. Songs he thought were too intimate to share with the public. “I’m trying to become more comfortable with allowing listeners in to some of my more quiet and vulnerable moments,” says Mike.

Oshima began through a week of initial recording sessions with Twilight Hotel's Dave Quanbury. Sifting through Mike’s grab bag of half-finished songs Quanbury picked the ideas he liked the best, and together they collaborated on arrangements and brought the once dead songs into existence. Several live-off-the-floor takes from those sessions have even made it into the final versions. Mike says, "Dave is such a talented musician and skilled arranger. We have a long history of collaboration and running new songs past each other. Our aesthetics differ sometimes, but we share a love of song-craft and have a deep mutual respect for each other's skills."

Developing slowly throughout the following year, the album was completed with the addition of Curtis Nowosad's drums and vocals from Keri Latimer (Nathan) and Jaymie Friesen (From Giants).

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Oldfolks Home: Black & Blue - album stream


May 21 – Hamilton – The Casbah
May 23 – Toronto – Silver Dollar
May 24 – Montreal – One Man Band Fest
May 25 – Montreal – One Man Band Fest
May 26 – Montreal – One Man Band Fest
May 29 – Halifax – Gus’ Pub
May 30 – Moncton – Plan B
June 3 – New York – Piano’s
June 4 – New Jersey – The Saint
June 6 – Lakewood – Mahall’s
June 7 – Pittsburgh – Garfield Artworks
June 8 – Chicago – Township
June 9 – Chicago – Township
June 13 – Des Moines – Vaudville Mews
June 16 – Seattle – Comet Tavern
June 17 – Vancouver – The Railway Club
June 18 – Kelowna – Fernando’s
June 21 – Edmonton – Wunderbar
June 28 – Winnipeg – Park Theatre
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Head In The Sand: Apparat Organ Quartet, Rococode & Oldfolks Home @ CMW We're bringing almost the whole family to Toronto for CMW in a couple weeks. Come join us!

Apparat Organ Quartet
March 20 > The Garrison
March 22 > Drake Underground (Iceland Airwaves)
March 23 > The Hoxton (Iceland Naturally)

Oldfolks Home
March 21 > Global Village Backpackers

March 20 > The Garrison
March 22 > Velvet Underground
Recording drums ]]>
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Oldfolks Home: You're a winner - contest
We're giving away copies of the new record and guestlist spots to a future Oldfolks Home show in your city.

Here's what you have to do:

* Take a picture or video of us playing to you
* Upload it to the internet
* Post it to Twitter
* #saysomethingright (VERY IMPORTANT)
* Extra point for @oldfolkshome
* Extra point for group friend hugs in the video

This is going to be so easy for you. You've got this one in the bag and you're strutting all around town showing off your game.

The tour dates are:

Feb 23 Winnipeg - Times Change(d)
Mar 1 Regina - O’Hanlons
Mar 2 Saskatoon - TBA
Mar 3 Edmonton - Wunderbar
Mar 4 Calgary - Local 510
Mar 5 Kelowna - Fernando’s
Mar 7 Vancouver - The Biltmore
Mar 9 Lethbridge - The Slice
Mar 21 Toronto - CMW - Global Village Backpackers
Mar 24 Hamilton - The Casbah
Mar 26 Montreal - Quai De Brumes

Head to www.facebook.com/oldfolkshomemusic and LIKE US. We LOVE YOU. Heart Shape.

- Ricardo]]>
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: Demetra performs at Folk Alliance International 2013
Thursday 10:45pm Manitoba Music Suite 1181
Friday 3:00pm Manitoba Music Suite 1181
Friday 11:40pm Manitoba Music Acoustic Room 1162
Saturday 1:00am Manitoba Music Acoustic Room 1162]]>
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Oldfolks Home: Say Something Right - the first 2 singles
Winnipeg’s Oldfolks Home deliver two song single Say Something Right ahead of full length album to come out late spring. 
The band celebrates with national tour dates in March.

Oldfolks Home’s Ricardo Lopez-Aguilar is ready to hit the road again with an armful of honest electronic pop songs, a new love for life, and a couple of his friends. Ahead of the full length album set for release in late spring, Oldfolks Home is releasing Say Something Right, a Double A Side single featuring “Garland’s Moving to Vancouver” and “It Scares Me.” And in celebration, Lopez-Aguilar is touring straight across Canada throughout March, in a wave of three-dimensional shows performing tracks from Say Something Right and the upcoming full length album.
Stream “Garland’s Move to Vancouver” and “It Scares Me” from the Double A Side Single Say Something Right.

Tour Dates
Feb 23 Winnipeg - Times Change(d)
Mar 1 Regina - O’Hanlons
Mar 2 Saskatoon - TBA
Mar 3 Edmonton - Wunderbar
Mar 4 Calgary - Local 510
Mar 5 Kelowna - Fernando’s
Mar 7 Vancouver - The Biltmore
Mar 9 Lethbridge - The Slice
Mar 21 Toronto - CMW - Global Village Backpackers
Mar 26 Montreal - Quai De Brumes ]]>
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Apparat Organ Quartet: Icelandic invasion - Pólýfónía out March 12
Manitoba and its capital Winnipeg are home to the largest Icelandic population outside of Iceland, so perhaps this is a fitting evolution in the relationship between the two winter-y regions. One surrounded by land, the other by water; both places of much creativity.

Apparat Organ Quartet recently made their North American debut in Seattle for KEXP's Reykjavik Calling. (See the Visuals section.)

Release date: March 12, 2013

NME Review ]]>
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Head In The Sand: Osborne House fundraiser | 8 albums for $50

Osborne House is a vital Winnipeg service providing shelter from abuse. Domestic violence is a sad reality for many, and it is in times of crisis that Osborne House is there to provide safe refuge, counseling, and support.

Recently Osborne House was denied $450,000 core funding by the City of Winnipeg and are in a funding crisis of their own.

We at Head In The Sand believe in the important work of Osborne House and in their ability to make a difference. We want this vital resource to remain available to women and children who need it.

That is why we are offering this special fundraising bundle of 8 albums for $50 - with all $50 being donated to Osborne House.

Royal Canoe – Co-Op Mode
Rococode – Guns, Sex & Glory
Les Jupes – Modern Myths
Demetra – Lone Migration
Tom Keenan – Romantic Fitness
Record Of The Week Club
Mike Petkau – Don’t Say A Word
The Liptonians – The Liptonians

Christmas is approaching and you can give a bundle of musical goodness to your friends or family, while knowing that the money is going to an important cause. This campaign will last until December 31, 2012.

A special thanks to all of our artists for enthusiastically agreeing to participate in this fundraiser. And of course, a very special thanks to Osborne House – for offering hope and for being there when you are needed.



CBC article

Uniter article

Winnipeg Sun article
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Tom Keenan: Recording

Illustrious performers participating to date: Derek Allard (Royal Canoe), Tom "Twisty" Fodey (The Poor Choices, etc.), Alexa Dirks (The New Lightweights, Chic Gamine), Leah Moore (The Church Choir), Michelle Elrick (poet and backup singer extraordinaire), and Patrick Keenan (hell, you know who he is).]]>
http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=110 CST Tom Keenan http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=110
Oldfolks Home: IndieGogo - Help finish this album


http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=109 CST Oldfolks Home http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=109
Les Jupes: Fall tour supporting Paper Lions; with all-new songs
Paper Lions have been generating some serious buzz for their catchy-as-all-hell new EP "At Long Creek".

Les Jupes will be performing all new material for these shows, trying out songs that will form the next record.

Wed Nov 14 > Vancouver > Media Club
Thu Nov 15 > Kelowna > 97 Street Pub
Fri Nov 16 > Edmonton > Avenue Theatre
Sat Nov 17 > Calgary > The Gateway @ SAIT

http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=98 CST Les Jupes http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=98
Rococode: Fall tour w/ Rah Rah & Belle Comedians
Rococode are announcing a co-headline national tour this fall that will see them cross the country in September with Fredericton’s The Belle Comedians to cover the East Coast and Saskatchewan’s Rah Rah through Ontario. Both Rococode and Rah Rah will play at Supercrawl in Hamilton, the Tuesday-famous Nu Music Nite at The Horseshoe in Toronto, and Rococode wrap up the tour with a Lunchtime Live! Series play at Toronto’s epicenter, Yonge and Dundas Square. All dates follow below.

Recently, Rococode saw their latest video for album tracks, Ghost I/II premiered at InterviewMagazine.com. Interview Magazine started in the late 60’s as a pop-culture exchange by Andy Warhol, and still today, offers unedited exchanges of arts, culture and celebrity.

The video for Ghost I/II was produced and directed by Daniel Stewart, and Rococode’s Shaun Huberts (also the author of the recently released photo-based book How To Pack Like A Rock Star which features handy travel packing tips from City and Colour and Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla amongst others).

The haunting video for Ghost I/II is beautifully shot, with stop motion effects and featuring Laura Smith with a ‘Midas touch’ of sorts, turning everything she touches into sand, including Andrew. Ghost I/II is still available for free audio download here:

August 25 Squamish, BC Live At Squamish
September 5 Moncton, NB Tide & Boar^
September 6 Charlottetown, PEI Hunter’s Ale House^
September 7 Halifax, NS The Seahorse Tavern^
September 8 Fredericton, NB Capital Complex
September 11 Rochester, NY Bug Jar
September 12 Peterborough Red Dog Tavern*
September 13 Guelph, ON eBar*
September 14 London, ON Call The Office*
September 15 Hamilton, ON Supercrawl*
September 15 Kitchener, ON KOI Fest
September 17 St. Catharines, ON Mansion House*
September 18 Toronto, ON Horseshoe Tavern*
September 20 Ottawa, ON Mavericks*
September 21 Montreal, PQ Petit Campus (POP Montreal)
September 22 Kingston, ON Grad Club*
September 24 Toronto, ON Yonge & Dundas Square – Lunchtime Live! Series
September 28-30 Regina, SK BreakOut West
^w/Belle Comedians
* w/Rah Rah

http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=97 CST Rococode http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=97
Les Jupes: European tour in August
This is the band's third European tour in one year, and they are excited to meet some new people in new countries. ]]>
http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=96 CST Les Jupes http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=96
Rococode: Interview Magazine premiers Ghost I/II video
There's a thoughtful, hearty interview to go with it - as is their style.

Check it out here.]]>
http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=95 CST Rococode http://www.headinthesand.ca/news.php?ID=95