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Illustrious performers participating to date: Derek Allard (Royal Canoe), Tom "Twisty" Fodey (The Poor Choices, etc.), Alexa Dirks (The New Lightweights, Chic Gamine), Leah Moore (The Church Choir), Michelle Elrick (poet and backup singer extraordinaire), and Patrick Keenan (hell, you know who he is).]]> CST Tom Keenan
Tom Keenan: New video and tour
See his page for tour dates, and watch the video here:]]> CST Tom Keenan
Tom Keenan: CD release, tour, etc
Following the tour the two brothers took bassist Joey Penner and drummer Kelly Castle on a mini-prairie tour to Regina, Calgary, Lethbridge and Edmonton.

Romantic Fitness has charted at #7 on Lethbridge campus radio, and has received several outstanding reviews, including:

On March 31, 2010, Tom's song "100 Hours" was picked by Craig Norris as the Track of the Day on CBC Radio 3.
]]> CST Tom Keenan