Steve Kirby’s Oceanic Jazz Orchestra

When Sony Music recording engineer Mark Wilder (Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Miles Davis) returned the final mastered version of All Over The Map, he said this: “By the way, Steve Kirby IS A BADASS. Every once in awhile a project comes in that just blows me away. This was the 2016 project. It is an amazing record on so many levels. It moved me.”

The album is hard to capture in words. Think of it as a suite of postcards, or a collection of cultural fingerprints from various locations along the line that stretches from the southern tip of Argentina to the frozen reaches of Nunavut. This vertical line across the map informs the working title of the suite of compositions: The Longitude Project. Every composition is distinct in style and structure, and they range in tone from seduction to rage to stubborn hope. Paradoxically, all the discrete parts cohere because ultimately the album is an exploration of the challenge and richness of being alive, of the deep humanity we all share, no matter where we live and how different our customs and cultures.

All Over The Map was recorded by Jeremy Darby (Canterbury, Toronto), Michael Falk (Paintbox, Winnipeg), Paul Yee and Larry Roy (Musirex, Winnipeg). It was mixed by Brian Montgomery (Esperanza Spalding, Paul McCartney) in New York.


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